Having a professional IT company that can, resolve all your technical problems is a blessing considering the critical electrical work that needs to be done just for the installation of different systems in your home or workplace. you would want professional installations done and quality systems installed as these types of technology are severely relied upon in every workplace and house, Electronic Shield provides all of these to you with ease and professionalism.


CCTV System

CCTV systems are spread worldwide and can be found almost everywhere, from homes to workplaces, to normal streets. CCTV systems are an important security feature as they help to gather evidence against robberies and different crimes and their footage helps in the investigations after a crime has taken place.

Access Control System

Access control systems have various different ways of granting access to known personnel. from having retina scanners to a biometric scanner, or even face scanner options, while the most common being, normal passcode locks.

Fire Alarm System

According to the modern styled furnishing, chances of fire spreading throughout a building are much higher than they used to be and for that it is important to have a fully functioning fire alarm system that can detect and run as soon as the situation starts getting out of hand.

Smart Home System

A smart home system is the latest form of technology as it interacts with the user and performs all tasks by just a voice command. There are some well-known companies that develop these systems but like other electrical systems.

Networking System

Having a working Network is something that is a huge achievement as it’s an onetime installation and requires an in-depth focus on detail as most networking around a facility or home needs a lot of wire sorting and connections.

Sound System

We all like a good sound system installed in our home, or our cars. and having a sound system means you have to install amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, head units, and reliable power supply and good connections to go with these things.

IT Equipment Supply

E-shield is really specialized in IT field with the help of a special team dedicated only for IT related goods and services, we can find all related IT goods and services meeting your minimum technical requirements.

Oil and Gas Equipment Supply

E-shield company as part of its expansion plan has been focusing part of its technical, managerial and financial capabilities in Oil and Gas Equipment Supply as it is one of the main

economic sectors in KRI.

Medical Equipment Supply

E-shield Company can supply various types of medical equipment and what made E-shield special in this field is its special medical teams who has expertise what medical equipment is available in the local or abroad.

IP Phone System

IP phones require an internet connection to allow you to make calls. Installation of these phones is not that difficult, however, once you connect them to the internet, the configuration of the IP and the procedure to actually have the phone work is not easy and this requires trained IT professionals.

Social Media Management

Social media requires management too, considering there are a lot of people who need interesting content from the social media pages they follow, and that interesting content can only be delivered by a content manager.


There are many types of developments that take place in different institutes ad facilities that need supervision and skill. From upgrading the technology to data digitalization, a lot of different developments take place that requires professional help for them to run smoothly.

Designing & Printing

Graphic designing is not an easy task as It requires an artistic mind that is also technical and knows specific difficult software that would aid in creating flawless content, the later printing jobs of banners, posters, and, flyers is an easy task, but that would not work if the design is not perfect. IT companies have some creative graphic designers that can design and print some unique and interesting content.

Web Design

Companies and even individuals want websites that work spectacularly for their users, they spend a lot of money on having modern websites made that are user friendly and would impress their clients whenever used. However, IT companies have software professionals that can easily create websites as they have predesigned templates and would offer a great deal considering the work that’s put in design and develop.


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